I spoke to a former agency owner this week who built a successful SaaS business without any external funding. Here's how he did it.
In 2008 we launched a product that could have made us billionaires, Rodney.
Who hasn't thought about building a side hustle? I've been through it several times and this is what I've learnt.
If you could take the red pill and switch to being a SaaS company with $1m+ in ARR in a relatively short period of time, or take the blue one and your…
I recently spoke to a founder about how to approach his company’s data strategy. There are four key stages to a company’s level of data maturity.
Having experienced this myself and witnessed it first-hand from other founders, I realised that agency founders have a blind spot.
Which is best and why?
It was Christmas 2013. I was at home, but talking to my co-founders, Luke and Mark on Skype. We’d started our digital agency, Codegent, in early 2004…
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The SaaS First $1m